CAM 5 Designation Webcast Package - NO CE
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CAM 5 Designation Webcast Package - NO CE

This program is not available for credit.

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CAM5 |  No-CE On Demand |  Texas Specific Webcasts
Kevin Amrhein
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CAM 5  is the fifth course in IIAT's Certified Account Manager designation program.  The below listed CAM modules are exclusively available through video and do not require the passing of an exam. CAM 5 consists of four videos; those looking to receive the CAM designation must view all four parts of the "package" and submit the code letters viewed during the subparts and enter in the Certification tab (after brief evaluation.)

CAM 5 Modules:

Business Body Language:
“Don’t trust the mouth. It’s the only part of the body that can  tell a lie.”  This video  will help you better understand nonverbal cues and what they tell you about the true direction of your conversation.

 Effective Training of New Employees:
The difference between a job and a career are decided within the first few days. This course will help those charged with training a new person balance current workload while still giving the new hire the attention he/she needs to succeed. 

Managing Perceptions and the Customer Experience
How do a majority of consumers perceive the insurance industry? What is the reason for this perception? This course dives into the stereotypes, why they exist and how an agency separate itself by providing a stellar customer experience.

Relational Intelligence & Conflict Resolution:
Today’s leaders are defined by their ability to relate to staff’s needs and manage adverse situations that- if handled poorly- could cause irreparable harm. This course will help explain the concept of relational intelligence, why it matters and its role in resolving conflict.



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