One of the many benefits of Independent Insurance Agents of Texas “IIAT” is our exclusive access to E&O carriers not available through any other Broker.  Did you know both Westport and Allianz are exclusive to IIAT/IIABA?  These same carriers offer Risk Management Discounts of up to 15% for meeting their qualification requirements of attending pre-approved classes offered through ABEN.  Risk Management qualification requirements for attendance of these classes are based upon agency size and employee count. To learn more about agency attendance requirements, please click here:

The Independent Insurance Agents of Texas provides several options of world-class courses to help with your organization's E&O risk management but also to qualify for premium credits on your E&O policy with participating carriers.

Receive high quality E&O education online through ABEN with the following benefits:

  • Easy to use platform
  • High Quality Video Webcast Technology 
  • Customize a bundle to suit your CE credit requirements
  • Meet your risk management credit required for premium discount on your E&O renewa
  • View in a group setting and receive tiered course discounts (Contact Sally Smith at for group information)

Check out our variety of courses and register for each class below! Courses approved for risk management credits with Westport.

*For courses approved by other E&O carriers for risk management credit, please contact IIAT at E&

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